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As with any specialised business, borehole-drilling companies offer varying services, but not all offer an all-inclusive approach. At Domestic Boreholes, we ensure that our solutions cover virtually everything you want done when it comes to drilling and maintaining boreholes. If you already have an operational borehole in your yard, we can assist in repairing, servicing, and regularly maintaining it. Our decades of experience means we can handle almost any repair to get a faulty borehole to a working status again. If you do not have access to groundwater, we can drill and install a borehole in your yard.

We are a borehole drilling company that focuses on delivering the most cost-effective and highest-quality drilling and installation solutions to our customers. The costs involved in drilling a borehole will always vary from site to site and the overall costs will also be influenced by other factors such as well construction. It is therefore ideal to drill a borehole well through hard rock, creating a naturally strong well wall that will not collapse on itself. Should the drill go through soft soil, this will invariably increase the time and costs associated with installing the borehole, because it means that a stable well wall needs to be constructed before the borehole can be used.

As one of the best-known borehole-drilling companies operating in Gauteng, we are aware of the number of aquifers underneath the surface in this province. As a result, many people already take advantage of groundwater in their households. Groundwater is a term that refers to the water acquired from such an underground aquifer. The contamination levels of the groundwater will vary from site to site and as such, it is wise to regularly have the water tested, so you know what it can be safely used for.

Groundwater can be used for outdoor applications such as irrigation and water features and for these applications, you do not require clean water that is safe for human consumption. If you want to use groundwater in the kitchen or bathroom, ensure that the yielded water from your aquifer is safe by having it tested. Sometimes, this is the case, so if you have potable water, count yourself lucky because then, you can use your groundwater as a complete replacement for the municipal supply.

Domestic Boreholes is a borehole-drilling company with the solutions that you need to take full advantage of groundwater in your area. For more information on how groundwater can save money and be used in your household, browse our website.

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