Utilising Groundwater for Households

Boreholes provide access to underground water sources. These sources, called aquifers, are bodies of water underneath the surface of the earth. Pretoria and its surrounding areas have numerous aquifers that are utilised to yield groundwater; therefore, many households have access to residential boreholes as an alternative source of water. This source can be used in conjunction with the municipal supply. It can also serve as a backup source when the municipal supply fails. How a household can use the water depends on its contamination level.

Domestic Boreholes offers borehole drilling so you can access groundwater at your home. The process is complex and several obstacles may be encountered. Therefore, hiring professionals to perform this process is highly recommended. The first order of business is to locate the best possible drill spot in your yard. We employ the services of a hydrogeologist to locate the aquifer. The ideal drilling spot can then be sited, at which point the drilling can commence. When installing a borehole to access groundwater, it is important to understand how the aquifer is filled and test your yield regularly in accordance.

Underground water sources are filled in a variety of ways, one of which is by rainwater. As a result, the contamination levels can and will change over time. If you have a borehole at your residence, the importance of knowing these levels is crucial. It will impact the way in which you can use groundwater in your household. Should your borehole yield water that is safe for human consumption, you can use the water however you see fit. Potable groundwater can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and swimming pool.

If your borehole yields contaminated groundwater, all is not lost, because many outdoor water uses are not reliant on potable water. Irrigation systems and outdoor water features can easily be powered by contaminated groundwater. Other applications include washing your pets or your vehicles. Regardless of how you plan to utilise groundwater in your household, the benefits are endless. When you need a backup supply of water, a borehole is a smart choice. It can also save you money on your municipal monthly bill.

Domestic Boreholes offers everything that you need to drill a borehole in your yard. Water is our lifeline, and now you can have free water in your household. For more information on how a borehole can benefit you, please peruse our website. Choose us for your borehole drilling solutions and enjoy the benefits of groundwater in your household.

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