Pumping Water from A Borehole

Many households suffer under high monthly municipal utility bills. A water-saving culture is not yet an entrenched local value, despite us living in a semi-arid country and the price of water having tended to head in one direction only – up. Therefore, our monthly municipal bills soar. Luckily, we offer a solution. We can drill and install a borehole with a submersible pump in your yard to give you access to free groundwater.

We are specialists in drilling and installing boreholes to give consumers access to groundwater. We can install any submersible pumps you supply as well. Many people are unsure how to approach having such a system installed, especially if they have never had access to groundwater in their household. It makes perfect sense to use groundwater. Today, we will look at the various benefits that you can expect from installing a borehole at your home.

Aquifers are underground sources of water and actually quite common around the country. These underground sources have been accessed and used for millennia. The borehole is just a modern take on getting to this water from the surface. In olden times, people would have a well and use a bucket attached to a rope to get water from it. Today, we still use wells, but we install submersible pumps to force the water through special piping to the surface. This system replaces the bucket and can be connected to a wide variety of other water systems in and around your house. This includes irrigation systems, water features, and outdoor dust-suppression equipment.

A borehole system uses a positive-displacement pump to force the water from the aquifer to the surface. A submersible pump is placed directly in the liquid it is supposed to displace. No vacuum is created within such a system to suck the water up; rather, it is pushed to the surface from below. However, groundwater should be regularly tested so that you can be informed about the contamination levels of the yielded water and, subsequently, what you can use it for.

Domestic Boreholes is your solution to borehole installation and maintenance. We do not sell submersible pumps, but we do install them if you supply your own. For more information on how your household can take advantage of groundwater, peruse our website for details. Save money on your utility bills today with us on your side. By using groundwater, you can rest assured that your municipal bill will not go through the roof. And if the water is potable, you can even drink it, bathe in it, and prepare food with it.

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