Borehole Drilling for Residential Areas

Aquifers are underground water deposits that can be accessed through drilling to the aquifer and installing a borehole that yields water from the aquifer directly. Many areas in South Africa offer rich aquifers that are easy enough to get to and offer viable drilling solutions for an alternative source of water at your home. Borehole drilling is a specialised process that requires proper preparation and seasoned experts to execute.

Residential and home borehole drilling may also present difficulties when drilling down into an aquifer. Some of these can be avoided, but others can halt the process entirely. To minimise the chances of these problems popping up, it is recommended that you employ contractors that have vast experience in borehole drilling. In residential areas, the borehole-drilling process means avoiding existing installed utilities and structures, which is, of course, not the case on a fresh, new construction site.

A hydrogeologist is employed to locate the aquifer and site the ideal drilling spot accordingly. Once the siting has been done, the drilling process can commence, which will inevitably turn the site into a mess. Luckily, Domestic Boreholes offers a comprehensive approach to residential and home borehole drilling, including site clean-up. Today, we will delve into the details surrounding this process.

Borehole Drilling at Home

A pneumatic drill is used to penetrate the surface, including rocks underneath the surface, to gain access to the aquifer. Once this process is complete, the site is cleaned before the water yield is tested. The construction of the borehole is also important to prevent the hole collapsing on itself. The yield of a residential and home borehole determines the amount of groundwater that can be brought to the surface by the system. To optimise the yield, a variety of options are available before installing and finalising the borehole.

With the yield at optimal levels, the piping for the system can be installed, along with a couple of final touches. In the end, you will have access to groundwater that is ideal for outdoor applications. If you are fortunate, your borehole yields potable water that is safe for human consumption, in which case you can use your groundwater for anything.

Domestic Boreholes is your first choice for residential and home borehole drilling. For more details, feel free to browse our website for more information on the steps to get a successful installation. With Domestic Boreholes on your side, you can take full advantage of groundwater and its applications in and around your home.

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