Professional Borehole Installations

Borehole installations require proper preparation and expert execution to ensure that they will function optimally. The process presents several potential pitfalls that can be avoided if you employ experienced contractors. It might sound straightforward, but drilling is a highly specialised job. Pretoria has many aquifers from which groundwater is extracted and if your household needs an alternative water source, drilling and installing a borehole might just be the answer. The benefits and cost savings of using groundwater in your household will be worth it in the long run. Domestic Boreholes offers everything you need in terms of borehole drilling and installations. We are aware of – and can deal with – all the challenges of residential borehole drilling.

Our process starts with locating the aquifer underneath the surface of the earth. A hydrogeologist can locate the aquifer, at which point an ideal drill location can be sited in your yard. With the location sited, the process of drilling can commence. Although logic dictates that drilling through loose ground or soft sand is a faster and easier option than going through solid rock, rock is preferred, and we will tell you why.

Wells were used to access underground aquifers thousands of years ago. An aquifer refers to a body of subterranean water that can be accessed by drilling to them. Borehole installations include the construction of a well from which the system can pump groundwater. By drilling through a soft material such as ground or sand, the chances of the hole collapsing in on itself during drilling is far greater, so well walls must be constructed as well. When drilling through rock, the walls of the drilled well will be made from natural rock formations.

Once the well is constructed, a maintenance hole will be installed for access to the well. The overall yield will then be tested and optimised before the installation process is finalised. With the final steps including the set-up and piping of the system, you will soon have access to groundwater for your household. By regularly testing the contamination levels of the yielded groundwater, you will know what you can use it for. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, groundwater can save you a lot of money on your municipal bill by supplying water to your household.

Domestic Boreholes is your answer to borehole installations. For more information on how we can drill and install a borehole in your yard, please contact us with any enquiries. Take advantage of groundwater for your household today.

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