How to Choose a Reputable Drilling Company
When choosing a reputable drilling company, there are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind. When partnering with a legitimate borehole drilling company, you can look forward to excellent service and value for money, and enjoying great returns on your investment for years to come. Here are only a few tips to keep in mind when searching for a reputable drilling company.

Is the proposed drilling contractor a member of the Borehole Water Association of South Africa?
Phone the BWA on 011-447 0853, or visit their website at and check the drilling company’s reputation with the association. Why is this important? Simply because you have no recourse to take with a contractor not associated with the BWA, should there ever be a dispute. EDRS is a full member of the Borehole Water Association.


Is the quote straight forward or shrouded in ambiguity?
Your drilling quote should be itemised with costs for the different drilling diameters and casings, etc., in an easily understandable fashion. Discuss the quote with the contractor and iron out any uncertainties.
Does the contractor require a substantial deposit?
Since no one knows the depth of the borehole or the casings that will be installed before the drilling process is initiated, it is impossible to determine the cost of the borehole before its completion. So don’t be duped into paying for it upfront.


How long will the drilling take?
A good drilling company should be able to complete the drilling in a matter of hours. No client wants a drill rig in their yard for days and days. Smaller operators using low pressure compressors of 14 to 17 bars will take longer to drill a hole than larger contractors. However, rest assured that EDRS has yet to drill for more than a day on a borehole shallower than 120m in the Gauteng suburban area over the past two years.


Ask the Prospective Contractor to Provide Pictures of the Equipment to Be Used
The last thing that you want is old equipment that will leak oil and diesel all over your property.


Are you required to sign a “drilling contract” which includes a pumping system?
Beware of schemes that guarantee no water or the amount of water that you will receive when you drill. These “lock-in” contracts endeavour to force you into buying a pump for the dry hole, or a mismatched pump that is too weak and small.


Turnkey Services
Can the contracting company provide additional services, such as pump supply, chemical water and capacity testing, installation and commissioning? If they can’t, this could lead to additional contractors being required that will rack up the quote. EDRS provides a full turnkey service – from the drilling to the drinking.
Clean Up of the Drilling and Mud Cuttings
When the rig leaves your yard, will you be left with a muddy mess to clean up?


Equipment Selection, Professionalism and Reliability
Is the contractor a professional and reputable organisation? Can they accommodate the entrances to your property with the required equipment? How reliable and prompt is the contractor? These are all important aspects to consider when employing a drilling contractor for your domestic borehole.

Contact Domestic Boreholes to learn more about our company, and to find answers to all these questions. We look forward to providing you with a comprehensive quote for all your domestic borehole drilling requirements.


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