Effective Garden Drainage Solutions from Domestic Boreholes

Are you frustrated with your soggy and waterlogged lawn or garden? If you, your kids and pets avoid the soggy garden in favour of paved areas, chances are that you have a drainage problem. We have the technology and capabilities to provide you with a lawn that you can enjoy without traipsing mud into the house and car every day.

There are several causes for waterlogged gardens. The main reason in many instances is rainfall, coupled with homes that are built on a slope. This problem manifests itself due to lengthy periods of persistent rains for gardens and homes built on low lying land, floodplains, clay or compacted soil. There are instances where the rain water gutters might also contribute to the problem.

In certain instances, additional structures added by the homeowner or their neighbours, like retaining walls or footings for extension sand patios, can divert surface rain water and underground springs, which might also be a cause for water logging. The only solution that works is to drain the water from your lawn, which is where we come in.

Domestic Boreholes’ Soil Water Drainage System

If lawns or the entire garden is water logged, then we install a cut-off drain on the up-slope portion of your property. The remainder of the garden is then drained by installing a tailored drainage system, which accounts for your unique garden.

We will mark out and dig the main cut-off trench on the highest part of the property. After this, we install the perforated drainage pipe work, geo-fabric and filter pack. The discharge may occur due to gravity, or via a sump with a de-watering pump. Our team will stop the soil water from moving through onto your property from the up-slope. In this way, we treat the problem and not the symptom.

Installing Lawn and Garden Drainage Solutions for the Modern Home

The soil water drains are installed under your existing lawn or garden topsoil, and offer pathways for the water to move out of the soil and out of your garden. Our drainage system installation takes between three to four days to complete, and the garden will start to drain immediately. There is no need to put up with a lawn that your children can’t enjoy, and where you can’t cultivate a beautiful garden.


Soak Away, Sump or Drain?

Depending on the geography of your garden, we either excavate a soak away or a collector sump, or we connect into the surface water drain system at the lowest end of the main trench. After installing the drainage channels, you will need to aerate and install turf over the grit sand. The garden surface will also have been flattened during the drainage work. It is always a good idea to spread the grit sand over the entire area to be turfed, including the French drain trenches, and then aerate the surface. This helps the drain to work at full capacity by draining surface water into the soil and drainage channels.

We provide home visits to advise and prepare a quote. Here we discuss a drainage solution that will take about an hour to conclude, and it includes:

  • An on the spot assessment and advice;
  • Installation of some shallow, small auger holes into the garden at strategic localities; and
  • Followed up with a comprehensive quote with the work to be carried out.

Contact us to discuss your garden drainage needs in greater detail. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful garden that you can enjoy throughout the year!


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