WATCH | Coega drilling team hits major water source

The Coega drilling team hit a major water source on Thursday afternoon at 265m below the surface after coming agonisingly close on Wednesday. View video here. They lowered a camera into the shaft to assess the situation and realised that although they had hit the...

Borehole Drilling Prices Pretoria

Drilling Prices for New Boreholes Pretoria is the capital of South Africa and is in the country’s busiest and most populated province of Gauteng. This area is host to numerous natural aquifers – natural underground sources of water that can be utilised for residential...

Home Water Drilling and The Benefits Associated

Home Water Drilling Groundwater is a term used for water from an underground source, such as a water aquifer under the ground. This is accomplished through drilling for water and installing a borehole with pumps – even at your home. Pretoria is known for having many...

Borehole Drilling Specialists Pretoria

Borehole Drilling Specialists  There are many advantages to staying in Pretoria, with viable sources of underground water aquifers being one of them. Residential boreholes are a common sight in the area, with many people taking advantage of an alternative water source...
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