Our Solution for an Alternative Water Source

Boreholes are the modern-day equivalent of wells, where underground aquifers are accessed and groundwater is extracted and sent to the surface. Although the method of dropping a bucket on a rope down a well has been replaced with modern technology, the concept of using a source of groundwater has remained the same.

Submersible pumps are used to pump the groundwater to the surface, enabling your household to benefit from an alternative water source whenever the municipal source fails – or all the time.

Groundwater refers to the water being sourced from subterranean aquifers. Aquifers are natural sources of water that can be tapped by drilling into them and installing boreholes. Gauteng is known for having many of these aquifers and this is the reason so many households have access to groundwater via their own boreholes. This water can be used for a plethora of functions in and around your house, depending on the contamination level of the water. Outdoor uses include running irrigation systems and filling your swimming pool.

The Benefits of an Alternative Source

In South Africa, municipal services fail from time to time, whether this is the electricity or water supply. Therefore, having an alternative supply of water can be a lifesaver for your entire household. Domestic Boreholes are specialists in this field. We offer drilling and installation services, as well as maintenance and repair for those who already enjoy the benefits of groundwater. Regularly testing the contamination levels of your yielded groundwater is also highly recommended, as it determines what you can use the water for. Should you be fortunate enough to yield potable water, the applications are, of course, endless.

Potable groundwater can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoors. Therefore, you can save a ton of money on your monthly utility bills. However, not everyone is lucky enough to yield potable water from an aquifer. Regardless of the contamination level, groundwater can still be used for various outdoor applications such as irrigation and powering water features in your garden, so you still stand to save. In fact, washing the car and watering the garden use so much water that you will probably save quite a lot of money in the long run.

If you want to drill a new borehole at your home, we can make it happen. The drilling process involves locating the underground aquifer and siting an ideal drilling location in your yard. A hydrogeologist can indicate the location of the nearest aquifer, at which point the drilling location can be sited. By drilling through hard rock instead of soft sand, the rock will act as a natural well wall that virtually eliminates the chances of the hole collapsing on itself. This is ideal when drilling boreholes, even though this is a slower process. As a result, the well will be sturdy and reinforced from the beginning, obviating the need to install a well casing.

Domestic Boreholes is your one-stop solution to drilling, installing, maintenance, and repair of boreholes. For more information on how we can assist you, please peruse our website for details on the drilling process. We can also assist in financing this process with FinYou. Enjoy the benefits of groundwater today.

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