Keeping Your Water Supply Flowing all Year

Owning a private Borehole allows homeowners to control their own water supply. Ownership also comes with the responsibility of keeping the Borehole in good working order.

With regular maintenance check-ups you will extend the longevity of your borehole, pumping equipment and have a more reliable water supply year round.

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Borehole

1. Don’t try to service your own borehole – Some things are best done by the Experts

While it may be tempting for D.I.Y. enthusiasts to attempt their own home borehole maintenance and servicing you can end up costing yourself a lot more money than if you let experts like us do the job – after all that’s what we do day in and day out – and there’s not much we haven’t seen in the past 21 years!

We have been called out to various borehole sites across the country where tools and pumps have been accidentally dropped into the borehole resulting in jamming of the pumping equipment and in some cases costly abandonment of the borehole. If the novice had not attempted to undertake the repair these problems and costs would have been avoided.

Specialist Borehole contractors like E.D.R.S. have specialist knowledge, training and the equipment to keep private water supply systems fully operational and water supplies safe from contamination.

2. Prevention is Always Cheaper than the Cure

Like our vehicles and our bodies – our boreholes need a service and a check up on a regular basis to keep them running optimally.

Of the eight most common borehole problems listed below, we can fix seven 99% of the time. The eighth problem (lack of water) we can only pray about.

  • Failure or malfunction of Pumping Equipment
  • Improper borehole design and construction
  • Incomplete well development
  • Borehole stability problems
  • Incrustation & Bio-fouling build-up
  • Corrosion of casings
  • Over-pumping.
  • Aquifer problems

If you’re using your borehole water for drinking water you owe it to your family and yourself to keep the borehole producing clean safe water.

3. Test Your Water Quality Regularly

Testing your water regularly is very important, in fact the Borehole Water Association recommend you carry this out at least once each year. It’s generally not necessary to repeat the complete SANS-241 lab test – usually the microbiological tests are sufficient for annual check ups.

Testing of the water quality should also be undertaken if you notice a change in the taste, colour or odour of the water.

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