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Boreholes are used to gain access to underground water sources, also known as aquifers. These sources can be tapped and serve as a feasible alternative to the municipal supply at your home.

Many households in and around Pretoria already enjoy the benefits of groundwater, as it can be used for so many things, like irrigation systems, water features, and swimming pools. Should your aquifer yield potable groundwater, the applications expand into the bathroom and kitchen as well.

Domestic Boreholes offers a comprehensive approach to boreholes. We can drill, install, maintain, and repair these systems to perform at optimal levels for your household. We also offer financing solutions through FinYou to ensure that you have the support from an official financial-services provider (FSP) in South Africa to finance the drilling and installation processes. As with any other loan application, there are prerequisites that determine the amount and interest rate that can be agreed upon between the FSP and the person applying for a purpose-based loan.

Financing is a daunting process when dealing with an FSP by yourself. By utilising FinYou, we can assist in securing a loan that fits your profile. Borehole drilling and installation costs vary and will always be dependent on the situation and environment. Therefore, you want to ensure in advance that you can foot the bill. Drilling through soft materials can cause the well to collapse in on itself, requiring a well casing. This can result in additional costs, which can be avoided when drilling through harder materials such as rock. There are many other factors like this one that can influence the overall cost of drilling and installing the system.

With FinYou, you only need to complete an application that can be submitted either digitally or at one of our outlets. Once the application is processed, we will keep you informed on the progress of the application with the FSP. Please ensure that you have a certified copy of your identification document in full colour, certified bank statements and payslips of the last three months, and proof of residence at hand. These documents are necessary to complete the loan process, which culminates in the approved financing of the drilling and installation of a borehole for your home.

Domestic Boreholes covers every aspect in terms of drilling, installation, maintenance, repair, and financing for boreholes. Please peruse our website for more information on our services and enjoy the benefits of groundwater access for your home. Don’t let the municipal supply leave your household dry. Ensure that you have an alternative source of water.

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