Submersible Borehole Pumps

Bringing Water to the Surface with Submersible Pumps Boreholes are modern well-type structures that are drilled to access underground aquifers and bring water to the surface using submersible pumps. In olden days, wells served a similar purpose. Such a structure would...

Utilising Groundwater for Households

Utilising Groundwater for Households Boreholes provide access to underground water sources. These sources, called aquifers, are bodies of water underneath the surface of the earth. Pretoria and its surrounding areas have numerous aquifers that are utilised to yield...

Professional Borehole Installations

Professional Borehole Installations Borehole installations require proper preparation and expert execution to ensure that they will function optimally. The process presents several potential pitfalls that can be avoided if you employ experienced contractors. It might...
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