WATCH | Coega drilling team hits major water source

The Coega drilling team hit a major water source on Thursday afternoon at 265m below the surface after coming agonisingly close on Wednesday. View video here. They lowered a camera into the shaft to assess the situation and realised that although they had hit the...

Borehole Water Pumps for Sale

Which of All the Water Pumps for Sale is the Right One for Your Borehole? There are many types of borehole water pumps for sale nowadays. They are used to force groundwater to the surface through an installed borehole pipeline. Domestic Boreholes does not offer the...

The Costs Involved in Borehole Drilling

The Costs Involved in Borehole Drilling Boreholes hold many benefits for households. Groundwater is drawn from a borehole and it can serve as a viable alternative source of water. The benefits of such a water source include saving money on municipal bills and...

Residensiële Boorgatpompinstallasie

Residensiële Boorgatpompinstallasie Boorgate dien as ‘n baie goeie alternatiewe bron van water by die huis. Huishoudings wat alreeds gebruik maak van residensiële boorgatwater kan getuig dat daar heelwat voordele is. Grondwater kan buitenshuis gebruik word vir...
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