Borehole Drilling Prices Pretoria

Drilling Prices for New Boreholes Pretoria is the capital of South Africa and is in the country’s busiest and most populated province of Gauteng. This area is host to numerous natural aquifers – natural underground sources of water that can be utilised for residential...

Submersible Borehole Pumps

Alternative Water Sources Boreholes are useful alternative sources of water for residential applications. Not only can they save money on monthly utility bills, but they can also provide water when the municipal supply fails. In certain cases, boreholes can yield...

How Much Will A Borehole Cost Me?

How Much Will A Borehole Cost Me? When it comes to installing a borehole at residential premises, a variety of factors will determine the costs. During the process of installing a new borehole a couple of things could also go wrong and these may also influence the...
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