Borehole Pump Installations

Borehole Pump Installations Residential boreholes are common throughout South Africa, especially in the Gauteng province. This is a direct result of the rich underground aquifers sitting below the province. Boreholes pump water from these aquifers to the surface,...

Borehole Water Pumps

Borehole Water Pumps Borehole water pumps are used to pump groundwater from underground aquifers to the surface for us to use as an alternative to the municipal water supply. Borehole systems grant access to underground aquifers. These aquifers house a supply of...

Borehole Costs in Gauteng

Borehole Costs in Gauteng The benefits of having access to a residential borehole far outweigh the initial costs of its installation. Borehole drilling and installation costs will always vary, as they are dependent of several variables and these variables include the...
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