Drilling for Boreholes Gauteng

Where the Water Flows Many households in Gauteng have access to a residential borehole, with many taking full advantage of having an alternative source of water at their disposal. The reason that borehole drilling is very popular in the Gauteng province is the ample...

Borehole Drilling

Drilling for Groundwater  When it comes to having access to an alternative water source at your home, the benefits are numerous in terms of water usage and your monthly municipal bill. In Gauteng, many residences have their own supply of groundwater, allowing them to...

Water Boreholes & Benefits

Borehole Benefits With a water crisis to start off 2018 in the Western Cape, the perception of water usage is changing throughout South Africa. People already knew that clean and potable water is a valuable resource, but what they did not realise is how threatened our...
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