Borehole Drilling Contractors

Drilling for Groundwater  In modern society, water is a precious commodity, as it is the live blood of cities and communities around the world. With the water shortage in the Western Cape, a clear example can be seen of how dependant we are on water. Modern technology...

Install a Borehole at Home

Residential Borehole Installations  Amidst the water crisis in the Western Cape, people are waiting for the government to come up with a viable solution. Until then, everyone hopes that Day Zero does not arrive. Should you be one of those proactive people who would...

Installation of Borehole Water Pumps

Boreholes and Water Pumps  We are dependent on water for sustaining life on our planet. Water is not only a precious and valuable commodity and resource in modern society, but also a source of life to every living being on earth. As humans, we have devised various...

Drilling for Boreholes

Drilling for Water  The most important commodity for sustainable human life is water. As humans, we inhabit the earth as a sentient species, and have been using – and exploiting – its finite water resources, especially in the industrialised 21st century. One of the...
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