Borehole Service and Maintenance

Quality Borehole Maintenance  If you have your own residential borehole, it is paramount to maintain it to ensure that your alternative water supply does not develop any problems down the line. Borehole service and maintenance are key to preventing any possible...

Borehole Drilling in Gauteng

Benefits of Boreholes  In Gauteng, residential boreholes are a familiar sight, as many people living in the province already have their own boreholes that provide water from underground sources. The province has yet to face a dramatic water shortage of the magnitude...

Borehole Pumps Installation

When it comes to the process of borehole installation, there are various factors that need to be considered before any pump installation can be executed. One of the most important aspects of the initial preparation phase is to determine the ideal location for drilling...

Installation of Boreholes

The Initial Borehole Installation Process  The installation of boreholes is specialised process that involves various processes before completion. Many households in South Africa either have their own or are familiar with residential boreholes, as well as the benefits...
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