The Benefits of Borehole Pumps

The Benefits of Borehole Pumps If you’re reading this article, then it should come as no surprise to learn that South Africa is experiencing a serious water crisis. But it’s not only the drought that is to blame – our municipal water infrastructure has left a lot to...

Looking to Drill a Borehole

Looking to Drill a Borehole? Looking to drill a borehole? We don’t blame you! Increasing access to water has become a high priority in South Africa. While it’s our basic human right to have access to clean drinking water, currently (April 2016), there are millions of...

South Africa on the cusp of broader water crisis

BY: NATASHA ODENDAAL CREAMER MEDIA DEPUTY EDITOR ONLINE – April 2016 With ever-increasing urgency, intervention is required, as South Africa is on the cusp of a major water crisis that poses an immediate, serious and broader risk to the economy and social stability....
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